Border Collie Puppies For Sale in Minnesota

This page provides a listing of Minnesota Border Collie Breeders. Please contact the breeders below to find Border Collie puppies for sale in Minnesota:


We breed only from accomplished stock dogs that are hip and eye tested clear and are from impeccable bloodlines! Our guiding philosophy will always be to breed from accomplished, traditional, sound and healthy stock dogs for puppies with intelligence, devotion, and the finest temperments. Brains before beauty.

Stacy, MN, United States

We are an AKC Breeder of Merit, and are committed to meeting and exceeding the guidelines set forth by the AKC regarding membership, health screening, and animal registration. We take pride in breeding animals that consistently produce championships in herding, agility, and obedience competition, but our main focus is breeding happy, healthy dogs and cats that meet or exceed the breed standard.


  We are a small breeder of Border Collies with exceptional qualities. We are committed to breeding dogs with outstanding temperaments, sound structure, and good health. As a result of our commitment, we produce beautiful, smart, and athletic dogs that excel at anything, and everything! But, above all else, they are the ultimate loving pet.


Our dogs have always been a big part of the family. Temperament and disposition are very important to us when breeding and training our dogs. our goal is to produce a level headed Border Collie that will excel at anything you ask of them, whether that be herding, playing ball and frisbee, obedience, or just being a great family companion, with the ability to have that off-switch when it is time to come inside the house. Our Border Collies are extremely intelligent and loyal with an incredible athletic ability.

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